“Lazy man’s meditation” and “Effortless meditation” sound very appealing to me. These phrases are used to describe Vedic Meditation. I had dabbled in meditation for years and was never able to commit to a consistent practice. Reflecting, it…


Working out was important; in college I had developed a consistent workout routine that was energizing and filled me with self-esteem and a sense of purpose. Equally important to the time spent exercising were the things I did pre- and post-workout.…


Fear of the unknown: it’s not exclusive for those with addiction or mental health issues. Its reach extends beyond our clients, touching families, communities, and society as a whole. As we all try and make sense of what we don’t know, assumptions…


Recipe for Creative Wellness


Control manifests in different ways, many of which we might not realize. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, fully alert, and check my phone – only to see the disheartening illumination of 3:00am staring back. Defeated, I fall back into…


Practicing daily gratitude for myself has come in all shapes and sizes. Lately, there are days I reflect harder than others and days I completely forget. We’ve entered this new realm of balance. And for me, right now, balance is key.


Insurance is Complicated


It’s important to follow treatment recommendations


Proper substance abuse treatment doesn’t happen with one visit to detox or one round of group programming. In order to achieve positive treatment outcomes, it’s essential to follow a series of steps, known as the continuum of care.

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