The cost of caring


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Counseling adolescents in a school setting for over two decades has helped shape my perspective on what truly matters in young people’s lives, as they graduate high school and launch toward adulthood into the world of bigger and increasingly complex…


  The irony of writing a blog titled, “The Art of Avoidance” is that I have been avoiding writing this for some time now. Day after day, I come into work, look at the blank page and say, “I’ll do it later.” In the blink of any eye, those days turned…


For me, Yoga began as a way to work out and to be healthy. I liked it a lot and wanted to be good at it. Plus, I wanted to learn every pose and do it correctly. I am, after all, Type A. After years of yoga practice, I have learned that being a “good…


Vulnerability, powerlessness, and seeking help can be a very difficult thing for people in the thralls of active addiction, many of whom are experiencing issues with their self-confidence and self-esteem. We often don’t feel worthy of living a…

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