Treating, Living, Mom-ing during Covid


Practicing daily gratitude for myself has come in all shapes and sizes. Lately, there are days I reflect harder than others and days I completely forget. We’ve entered this new realm of balance. And for me, right now, balance is key.

My morning is a routine of packing lunches and filling backpacks, only for my kids to put them on and walk from the living room to the dining room – their “new school” zone. Working, teaching, “mom-ing” all while my husband is also working, teaching and “dad-ing”. Practicing patience and being grateful that in this moment, we are ok. Some days are easier than others and I’d be lying if I told you I don’t repeat to myself every day, this too shall pass. This time is one like no other; no one in their lifetime has experienced such a thing. And the fact that this is all new to everyone, means that we are truly all in this together.

This pandemic has created a world of questions and unpredictability. Day by day there are new restrictions, new orders, changes to previous recommendations and a constant state of chaos for the world. Working in the behavioral health world, we continue to do the front-line work with our clients who are potentially struggling more than ever and, as much as they practice taking it “one day at a time,” we, too, have to do the same. 

We’re navigating this new world of Telehealth, a new realm that many of us have never used before. We always knew it existed, but it always seemed like the exception, not the rule. Now is different. So many visits across so many disciplines are virtual right now. There’s a part of me that can’t even comprehend how far technology has come and how it has connected us, virtually.

The point is, everyone is struggling with something right now. Whether your gym is closed, you can’t meet your friend for coffee at your favorite shop, you’re practicing the 12 steps virtually, or your job is on hold, none of us is exempt. Some are struggling more than others and its more important, now than ever, to be mindful of people’s mental health and substance use challenges.

Isolation can have a major impact and finding support where you can get it is essential for your health. Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is, in many ways, the key to survival right now. Seeing yourself on Zoom can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, but sometimes we have to do what’s uncomfortable to maintain balance in our lives. Doing a virtual workout may not be your thing, either, but at the end of the day, what’s the alternative? Be kind to yourself, be grateful and continue to push yourself to live a meaningful life. 

And we are here for you. There’s a certain comfort in “business as usual,” where you know what to expect. We continue to meet the needs of our clients in person or remotely and will continue to do that throughout. As much as people are working round the clock to fight this virus, we continue to do the same for people’s mental health or substance use issues. 


By: Courtney Bushnell