"Why I do this Work."


Why I do this Work? A meaningful question. A question worth a REAL answer. 

I was CREATED by the WORK.

I AM, because of IT.

I am only one of the many it has served and empowered. I too, was hurting beyond what words can say. You could only see it. I was once ravaged. Broken beyond recognition to self. There is no greater loneliness. I am well aquatinted with the twist of character these wounds create in the human soul. I know, what the cry for help, safety and relief looks like. I know, the hopelessness, the hopeless feel. I am well aquatinted with the lies that burrow themselves into one's inner-most self. I have also suffered under their weight. The fellowship of suffering is not what has inspired me to pursue a career in Social Work. The fellowship of suffering grants me the ability to be profoundly effective.

Hope is beautiful.hope

Hope is Infectious.

Hope is communicable.

Hope is graciously irresistible by those who see or hear it.

This is my talent, to offer my own gift as a gift. I do the WORK that was done to me. 





By: Jeffrey Guance